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Martin Irish is an internationally acclaimed abstract artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. He creates vibrant yet moody paintings, captivating viewers with bold strokes and an unmistakable passionate energy. Imbued with lush abstract landscapes, his works are full of soul and emotion, spilling into the canvas as if created with an internal fire. Allowing colours and forms to pour out of him, he produces art which holds a mysterious beauty. His creations are wild and dynamic, resulting in a vivid explosion of emotions. His deep love for the beauty of nature and appreciation for the power of the elements shines through each layer, conveying an intense emotion in each artwork.

With a strong focus on abstraction and the play of light and shadow, his captivating compositions unravel within the viewer, creating an immersive sense of awe.

Martin Irish’s art is a unique experiment with the intersection between imagination and creativity, creating an alluring world of his own through his masterfully crafted pieces, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring the beauty of his majestic surroundings.

Photo of the artist

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  Henry David Thoreau

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