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I am registered for Own Art.


What is OWN ART?

Martin Irish abstract paintings are available to purchase through Own Art.

Own Art is a national initiative that makes buying contemporary art and craft affordable by providing interest-free loans for the purchase of original work.

Own Art reduces the financial barriers and perceptions of elitism that commonly exist within the art market, by making it easier and more affordable for people to access art, regardless of their income and socio-economic background.

Since 2004, the scheme has enabled more than 50,000 customers to get access to the art they love.

Delivered through a network of 300 galleries across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Own Art has so far supported £40 million of sales of contemporary art and craft to UK customers.

Supporting the Creative Economy

Own Art supports the UK creative economy by encouraging increased sales of work by living artists. Working in partnership with our diverse network of member galleries, we are helping to build the UK market for contemporary art and craft

How can I use the scheme?

Own Art loans allow you to borrow from as little as £100 up to £25,000 and pay it back over 10 months, completely interest-free.

If you are a UK resident and  you would like to purchase any of my work through Own Art, then please contact me at -

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